Robin Pickens, Executive Director

Robin is a native Tennessean that attended college at Tennessee Technical University where she studied International Business. For over five years, she served as the Feeding Program Coordinator at the St. Louis Dream Center of Joyce Meyer Ministries. She oversaw the food pantry serving 45,000 meals per month and an after-school feeding program reaching over 560 children every day with the Word, a hot meal and a warm smile.

Having served in both the business and non-profit sectors, Robin has a unique perspective on the needs of individuals, families and businesses. She understands the struggles that come from hard choices like whether to pay rent or provide food for your family.


Jeremy Pickens, Chief Investment Officer

After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Economics, Jeremy began working as a stockbroker for several years and later became a licensed Investment Adviser. He then transitioned to a dual role as an investment and banking officer with a large national bank. Seeing the importance of helping others, he was successfully accepted to medical school. While attending medical school, Jeremy quickly realized his true calling was working in the community helping others. For over five years, he worked with Joyce Meyer Ministries at the St. Louis Dream Center overseeing inner-city feeding programs designed to help the less fortunate. Under his leadership, the feeding programs grew from 101,000 meals in 2010 to providing over 1 million meals in 2015, while reducing costs dramatically during the same period.


Rick Washington, International Word Center

Rick, a native of St Louis, Missouri, was born again and fully surrendered his life to Christ in 1977.  Since then, he has served in various capacities in the Body of Christ and has been in full-time ministry for more than 10 years.

Helen Washington, International Word Center

Helen, also born in St Louis, was born again and fully surrendered her life to Christ in 1978.  She has also served in various capacities in the Body of Christ since she gave her life to the Lord and has ministered alongside of and supported her husband as he has served in full-time ministry.


Salvador Carranco, Iglesia Cristiana La Gran Comisión

Salvador has served as the Senior Pastor since 1996 and continues to have an impact in San Felipe, Baja California. He is a member of the San Felipe clergy association and works with the Mexican non-profit organization ACIFAC that helps children and families in need. The organization also operates a Community Center that facilitates meals at area schools for the neediest children.


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