A Widow’s Tale of Loss & Triumph

When we first met Gloria*, we were inspired by her positive outlook and zeal for life. She has a natural charisma that is enhanced by her smile and love for children. IMG_20161008_094715790.jpgGloria is a women that doesn’t allow circumstances to dictate her demeanor and that is a very admirable trait!

Her desire to help the children of San Felipe through the Hoy Si Comi Feeding Program doesn’t go unnoticed. Likewise, her willingness to help wash dishes, mop floors or clean bathrooms with a smile on her face should serve as inspiration to others – and it does.

Gloria has an admirable dream, and though she never approached us looking for help, we felt led to inquire about her living conditions. We learned a great deal. Her late husband needed a loan and the only asset they had was the family home. Unfortunately, he also served as the sole wage earner and his death not only meant the loss of a loved one, but also the family home.

We are asking for your help! We would like to raise $4,000 to enable her to move back into her home and make the repairs it so desperately needs. Additionally, those funds will allow us to help her begin a business which will provide ongoing financial support.


* Her name has been changed to protect her anonymity.

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