How is Your Moral Compass Calibrated?

In the past few years, there has been a great debate emerging between what is right and moral, with regard to how we treat each other and the rights we should59276 expect in this life. Some argue that a loving God would never infringe on the right treat everyone equally regardless of their sexual preference or general lifestyle.

This view begs the question: how do you calibrate your moral compass to be accurate and point towards true North.

If we lack an understanding of where our morals originate, it is likely that we will veer off course over time. Many people that express the viewpoint that a loving God allows us to live as we wish, without repercussion may be heading off-course without awareness.

True moral calibration can only come from the Word of Godmoral_compass and in the belief that it was written under the direction of the Holy Spirit, not by mere men.

Without this understanding, we allow our life’s choices, parental influence and perceptions dictate what morality should be. This basis for morality becomes unstable and changes throughout the years as society dictates and changes. Evidence for this can be found as many ponder, ‘what happened to the world,’ or ‘why does this world seem more divided and full of hate.’ These types of questions point towards a society with a morphing of morality over the years.Lost and Confused Signpost

If you find yourself wondering more about life and how we have arrived at this point of division, try calibrating your compass by spending a few moments each day reading the Bible. If your perceptions of God are more folklore than fact, please take a moment to discover what the Bible says for itself. It is a life-changing step towards true enlightenment and understanding.


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