A Sister’s Exceptional Love: Meet Maria

We first met Maria shortly after her daughter Mitzy was enrolled in the feeding program. When we learned her story, we were both inspired and humbled by her act of love and kindness.

Four years ago, Maria and her sister Marisol found themselves pregnant at the same time. Marisol was to give birth first, but unfortunately lost her baby and was devastated. Soon afterward, Maria realized she was blessed with twins while giving birth. In a remarkable act of love, Maria gave one of her twin girls to her sister to fill the hole in her heart left by the loss of her child.

The twin girls Mitzy and Cristal are very close, and are often found playing together outside the family shanty. Although the girls know they are technically sisters, Cristal loves Marisol as if she was her real mother – because to her, she is. Although the family has very little money, they have each other and a genuine love that is truly inspiring.

Mitzy and Cristal attend the 30 Abril Kindergarten in San Felipe, Mexico. They benefit from the Hoy Si Comi Feeding Program, which operates at three public schools. Along with a hot meal, these children receive a daily demonstration of God’s love!

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