Changing Everything You Know About Charitable Giving

Thanks to  your prayers and support, we are now only $19,275 from reaching our goal of being a completely self-sustainable ministry. Once our goal is met, 100% of donations we receive will go directly to those in need this year and every year afterwards!

Love for Others

By successfully operating a self-sustaining ministry, we will be able to demonstrate the principles we look to teach others through our example. We are looking to instill a sense of purpose and love in those we serve. Not just a hand-out, but rather a hand-up.

Together we can and will make a difference. Thank you!

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One thought on “Changing Everything You Know About Charitable Giving

  1. Josephato Chibata Chibai says:

    Mine is just thank you very much for the beautiful work you are doing struggling to uplift live hood of very many poor and members of our,I just pray that God provides your ministry abundantly to reach your targets.


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