One Gift That Can Change The World

Merriam-Webster defines self-sustaining as follows: maintaining or able to maintain oneself or itself by independent effort.

Our goal at the Nehemiah Fund is not only to teach self-sustaining initiatives to those we serve, but to demonstrate this principle in our own organization. We have developed an investment strategy that allows us to be fully self-funded, but we need your help.


We are looking for partners that can help us reach our initial financial goal of $25,000.

Once this figure is met, all of our costs for administration, feeding programs, supplies, agricultural initiatives, etc. will be covered completely going forward.

It is that simple.

Please take a moment to prayerfully consider a tax-deductible gift that will allow us to teach those in poverty how to become self-sufficient through our example. Your gift will make a lasting impact! Together we will make a difference in the lives of those suffering in extreme poverty.

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