The Smile of a Child

There are few things in this world worth experiencing more than the smile and laughter of a child. The mere sound of a child’s laugh can warm your heart even during the roughest of seasons. Their smile can light up a room.


As heartwarming as their smiles may be, we need to look behind the smile. We need a better understanding of the struggles and obstacles they face every day. When you look at this group of children smiling, how quickly do you notice their lack of shoes? Do you contemplate that they may have only one outfit to wear each day?

At Nehemiah Fund, we understand that even in the most remote areas where children are in dire need, smiles and laughter can be found. Children play with soccer balls made from rolled up plastic bags and twine. However, when the sun sets and the pain of hunger lingers, those same children cry themselves to sleep as they try and comfort their younger siblings.

Fortunately, there are people like you that understand the love of a Father for His children. We understand it is more than a moral obligation to do what we can to help those in need, it is a direct act of obedience to our Father. Please take time to prayerfully consider a donation that will directly impact a child suffering behind their smile.

3 thoughts on “The Smile of a Child

  1. Carolyn Swanner says:

    Thank you so much for all you do for these children. I support several orphanages and individuals in India and Pakistan. At this time, some are completely out of food.. and I am out of money, because tomorrow is tax day.. and I have to mail my federal taxes. Does this group ever make food available to orphanages or individuals who feed orphaned children. I am sending you a list o those in need…. Faith Ministries.. directed by Pastor Raulo…. GRACE Children’s Home, directed by Shadrach Paul… and two individuals in Pakistan. I will need to get correct spellings. Thank you so much. If you can help them, even temporarily, with rice .. I know they would be so grateful.

    In Christ Jesus’ love..
    Carolyn Swanner


  2. tamarinpennell says:

    What very wise and impactful words!! I also notice that the children choose joy despite their dire situation. What a great wealth of perspective we can gain from their example!


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